innovative campaigns


We are a global management-consulting firm, helping businesses and government bodies strategize and execute plans for growth.

We focus on addressing our clients’ critical issues and growing opportunities.

With our comprehensive experience leading over 12,000 innovative campaigns in over 35 countries, we are able to service a diverse range of clients from innovative start-ups to government entities to major corporate brands- we are truly changing the business landscape.

Our bold thinking and passion to define the future has led us to:

  • Donate over $1.5 million to local non-profits
  • Contribute to over 500 new businesses entering the Canadian market
  • Establish the largest investment summit in Canada
  • Have recognition in the Guinness World Book of Records
  • Be a trusted partner to private and public organizations in over 35 countries
  • Earn over 25 awards and achievements for business excellence and specific projects
  • Have our international program, Think Canada be recognized by Prime Minister Trudeau in 2018

Think Compass Inc. has grown from a one-person shop to a global network of consultants

Brief History:

thinkCOMPASS has grown from a one-person shop to a global network of consultants. thinkCOMPASS began from humble beginnings as a marketing agency focused on events. With technological advancements and digital transformation, thinkCOMPASS found its niche by using the digital landscape to make the world a smaller place.

By adapting strategic methodologies to connect businesses across the globe, reach larger audiences and develop tactics to improve business efficiencies, thinkCOMPASS was able to grow into the powerhouse it is today!

We Are Unique:

The unique quality thinkCOMPASS has is our global network of partners consisting of over 160 partnerships in over 35 countries, which include government organizations, associations and chambers, educational institutions and in-market consultants.

We have worked hard to manage, nurture and expand our network to help our clients become connected with global opportunities. Through our network we are able to present innovative technologies into the Canadian market, introduce businesses to support economic growth and build partnerships to help clients find new channels for business development. thinkCOMPASS not only helps our local community, but makes the world smaller by helping connect global companies with the Canadian market.