What is SEO?

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Have you been getting emails from people offering SEO services? Maybe your marketing guru instructed you to hire someone for your SEO or get it “established”? Regardless of where you heard it, this has been the conversation over the past year. Here is a brief explanation of what SEO is and how you can leverage it to grow your company.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, search engines are websites that you type in key words and they provide relative content. Google, being the main search engine with the largest percentage of searches, has a formula to determine how it feeds you information. It’s interesting how you type on Google the word “soccer” and you immediately get pages with top teams, clubs, rules of the game, latest match scores, etc. It’s like Google went into your mind and knew what you wanted!

The truth is, Google is not in your mind (or is it?) Google knows you want information on soccer and they search the entire World Wide Web to get you that specific piece you are looking for. Basically, Google gathers all the data in the web, compares it, and puts it in front of your eyes. The way Google interprets your website to determine if its worthy of showing up for the keyword “soccer” is quite complex. They have a very detailed algorithm that takes into consideration a very long list of elements and based on how these elements match the search, and other websites, Google will rank results.

We still haven’t told you what SEO is…. SEO is the art of manipulating a website, to ensure you meet Google’s (and other search engines) requirements and this algorithm can read your website to fully understand where to rank you based on keyword searches. For example, if you have a website for your carpentry business, and someone is looking for a carpenter on Google, your SEO guy will do some cool things to tell Google: Hey! I’m a carpenter, I’m close to this customer making the search and he is looking for specific type of work that I have performed multiple times… Can you put my website at the top? Thanks!

Pretty cool right? You can create a website for: Alien Watching, call it www.alienwatching.com and every time some Googles “watch aliens” you will be number one! But what if you are a realtor and want your listings to show at the top of Google? That’s a different story as there are hundreds of other realtors, each with an SEO guru, doing things to ensure their website ranks at the top. What is going to make yours show up at the top? Is your guru spending 8 hours, theirs 10? Is he paying his guru 500 and you only 100? There is no guarantee your SEO body will get you to number one. There are many elements to consider and it’s a game anyone can play, it’s about who plays better and doesn’t stop!

Do you want to know what are something’s you have to do to improve SEO’s? You can do actual work on your website or outside your website. Stay tuned for another blog on SEO. Do you have any specific questions? Comments below.

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