How can I grow my business? Simple… Lead Generation

By February 6, 2017Uncategorized

With the NBA season coming to an end with the victory of the Cleveland Cavaliers, our Toronto Raptors are faced with the task of growing the team and getting those key players that will take us to the finals. What approach are they taking? Well they have the draft, they can also buy some players…. (Kevin Durant is a free agent…) But in the end, there is a system that provides the team with several options to grow and improve. Companies that are thirsty for growth or in need of change, don’t have such system that allows them to draft their next supplier, buy their newest partnership or cap a projects salary at their discretion. Definitely not this last point…

If your company is looking for growth, considering a new venture/partnership or even entering a new market, they will need to build a system that enables these changes. With all your engines focused on daily activities and making sure you are headed for success, it’s hard to get a general understanding of your external environment. With overloads of information on the web and rapidly changing trends, it’s almost impossible to stay up to date, make accurate decisions or stay true to the path that leads to your objectives.

But it’s not all bad news… Here’s were lead gen comes into play. The objective of a lead generation campaign is to put your key decisions makers in front of the players that will work by your side to help you achieve growth. Before the campaign launches, the first step is to identify all the elements of your external environment and the necessary parties to build the required support network. If you are looking for sales growth this might be a sales partner, new software to assist you, CRM partner, etc. If you are looking to enter a new market you are going to need a logistic partner, someone to find your office space, and are you going to need staff?

A successful lead gen strategy will put you in a table with all these parties and it will be up to your team to close the deal. Some lead generation companies also help you prepare to make these closures… something we do a thinkCOMPASS #JustSaying.

thinkABOUT it this way: you are the upcoming Lebron James, we can put you in front of the best fitness coach in the country, the head of the Toronto Raptors (the best team in the league) and the head of a sporting company to discuss your endorsements. Yes, we can launch your career into sky. Have any questions? Comments below!

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