Does Your Tagline Tell Your Story and Resonate with Your Audience?

In the blog post below, blogger/writer Danny Brown’s recent post  “Does Your Tagline Tell Your Story?”, mentions the importance of a solid, simple tagline that goes beyond the business connection, and makes a more emotional and in-depth impression on your prospective customer. thinkCOMPASS also feels this is important in the development of a brand and we work closely with our clients to develop taglines and marketing content that goes beyond a description of their business offerings. We believe any content, slogan or tagline should tell a story that resonates with the end user.

Does Your Tagline Tell Your Story?

Mention tagline to someone, and invariably they’ll connect it to a business tagline and how that business benefits you, the end user. And that makes sense. After all, a tagline is one of the first chances your business gets to make an impression on a prospective customer or employee. Get a great tagline, and it can jump you way ahead of the competition in just a few words. Think of the very best taglines, and how their simplicity stays with you long after your first touch-point with them. Just do it Life's good think different Three brands, three taglines, three instant impact messages. What makes these taglines, and others like them, work is that they avoid clutter and confusion. Instead of trying to be smart, all three of them remain simple, because that’s all that’s really needed. You get the message right away, and that high impact reaction is all the brand needs to start your love affair with them.

You Have to Be More Than the Words You Create

If you take a look at my home page, you’ll see a large image of a serene scene, with the tagline “there’s more to life than social media”. While I wouldn’t claim to be as creative as the people that came up with the three examples highlighted above, it’s a simple message that tells you what this blog’s goal is – to go beyond social media and provide the type of personal content that I hope connects with the reader. Since changing the tagline, I’ve had quite a few people reaching out to tell me it’s one of the reasons they dug into the content once arriving on the home page. Their reason for doing so? It’s not salesy, and it connected to their wish to read content that wasn’t just about social media, or marketing, etc. Much like a business uses a tagline to create interest around their product, your tagline needs to create interest around you… it needs to be clear, punchy and true to you and your goals.

thinkCOMPASS Recommends you Keep the Focus on Your Audience, not Your Company.

The most memorable taglines are about your customers, not about your company. If you focus your tagline on your company, your customers will wonder how it relates to them and by placing the focus on your customers, you will develop a stronger brand association and relationship that will benefit your business in the long run.


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