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thinkCOMPASS is proudly recognized as an official Quality Service Provider for the CME Technology Assessment Program funded by FedDev Ontario! With $25,000 in eligible funding, the program provides direct financial support to individual employers who wish to assess the use and implementation of technology in their current business process.

Our team has trained thousands of professionals across the globe on how to create more success in their organizations and encourage building leaders within their organizations.
‍Our clients range from individual executives, small businesses, government, and non-profit organizations.


Award-winning work built on Leadership, Innovation, and Creativity.
Over 21 years and millions of dollars in insights, capital, and resources. We have worked across 20 industries, helping businesses expand abroad and into Canada. We are passionate about solving challenging problems for our clients, international business development, and helping clients achieve sustainable performance.



The unique quality thinkCOMPASS has is our global network of partners consisting of over 160 partnerships in over 35 countries, which include government organizations, associations and chambers, educational institutions and in-market consultants.We have worked hard to manage, nurture and expand our network to help our clients become connected with global opportunities. Through our network we are able to present innovative technologies into the Canadian market, introduce businesses to support economic growth and build partnerships to help clients find new channels for business development. thinkCOMPASS not only helps our local community, but makes the world smaller by helping connect global companies with the Canadian market.




Providing growth opportunities through our service verticals: Strategic Consulting, Digital Marketing, and Globalization.



Helping businesses reach larger audiences and develop tactics to improve business efficiencies.  



Managing, nurturing, and expanding our network to help our clients become connected with global opportunities.

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“thinkCOMPASS helped our brand market to a bigger and better audience by re-conceptualizing our logo and building an online presence. We proudly showcase our brand and thank thinkCOMPASS for guiding our journey!”

“thinkCOMPASS has been our dedicated service firm for over 20 years. thinkCOMPASS’ strong consulting and marketing expertise, ability to adapt to changing industry trends, and their genuine dedication to supporting our cause have driven our long-term relationship. Griffin Centre is truly thankful to the thinkCOMPASS Team for years of excellent guidance.”

“It was a pleasure working with the team. Their incredible team helped me build and develop the businesss’ social media strategy and execution. In addition, they helped me in the development of a new website. I was impressed with their work ethic from start to finish, always proposing new and creative ideas.”

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