thinkCOMPASS is proudly recognized as an official Quality Service Provider for the CME Technology Assessment Program funded by FedDev Ontario! With $25,000 in eligible funding, the program provides direct financial support to individual employers who wish to assess the use and implementation of technology in their current business process.

Managing Partner


‍We provide our clients with leads that help them drive their business and we do this by ensuring a strong online presence, leveraging our global network and ensuring top of the line, smart communications.


Luigi Presta has over 20 years of experience leading marketing campaigns in both the private and public sectors, representing several premier corporations in areas ranging from; global retail, manufacturing and non-profit organizations. He has a working knowledge of the full business cycle from sales & marketing to delivery and execution.

His practical exposure in forecasting, financial and management consulting, coupled with his management background, provide a unique approach to understanding your business and preparing your next sales approach to capture your target market.

Luigi sits on several not-for-profit boards including the Intelligent Communities Forum (ICF), the Moving Forward Foundation, and the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals.

Luigi’s work has been recognized by a number of organizations including the Guinness Book of World Records. In 2002, thinkCOMPASS worked with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation UDRF) of Canada on their annual Walk for the Cure Campaign. As part of the campaign, thinkCOMPASS built the largest shoe ever recorded. Through this innovative approach, thinkCOMPASS helped JDRF achieve its fundraising targets.

Areas of Expertise

Market Research & Entry Strategies
FD/ Attraction Strategies & Missions
Business Development
Lead Generation
Strategic Planning
Global Strategy Communications


Assisted foreign companies to start operations in Canada
Developed & implemented innovative
FD/ attraction strategies
Guinness Book of World Records for JDRF
Shoe Campaign
Award Winning Designs for both print and online campaigns

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